Meals That
 Heal You
​ Post Surgery Catering
Menu Selections
All food is certified organic to the best of availability

Includes a glass of filtered water with softened chia seeds 

Choice of a fresh fruit drink blended in filtered water

Papaya - lime, stevia (Papaya is the best fruit to consume post-surgery due to its high enzyme level and ability to heal from the inside out)
Tamarind -  with stevia (anti-inflammatory tropical juice as well as a diuretic)
Watermelon -  lime, honey (a hydrating diuretic to flush the system)

Choice of:
Organic Fiber Cereal -  blueberries, strawberries,  vanilla almond  milk
Scrambled Dill Eggs - sprouted toast,  avocado, tomato
Organic Oatmeal - cinnamon, apples, vanilla almond milk 

Lunch and Dinner Selections
Comes with choice of a fruit drink from the breakfast menu and filtered water
Grilled Chicken Paillard - white cabbage salad, carrot, radish, tomato, cilantro salsa verde
Turkey Breast Burger - sweet red pepper, cucumber & sweet onion salad
Fattoush Salad -  albacore tuna, cherry tomato, lemon vinaigrette, sumac spice
Rustic Lentil Soup - avocado tomato toast
Chilled Poached Salmon - dilled Greek yogurt sauce, cucumber, onion, tomato salad
Quinoa Veggie Salad -  sliced poached chicken breast
Red Beans and Rice - cilantro, green onion, tomato, avocado, lime
Salade Riz - rice, cucumber, onion, tomato, EVOO mayo, tuna, white balsamic vinaigrette
Summer Rolls - shrimp, mung beans, carrot, basil, mint, cucumber, chili sauce

Snack Choice
  Dark Chocolate Squares (3)
Chilled sliced apple with almond butter
Greek yogurt with mixed berries, honey and lime 

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